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Mandarin Course – from Kindergarten to Primary School

Interest groups include singing curriculum, Pinyin curriculum, declaim curriculum and certificate curriculum, etc.; provide in-school Mandarin supporting services at kindergartens: provide Mandarin teaching materials, maintain learning system and administrative support for professional tutors; also, support tutors with professional training on Mandarin teaching.
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Mandarin Course – Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training Course is specially designed for persons who are engaged in Mandarin teaching or who are preparing to engage in this field.
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Private Lessons

Provide Mandarin Enhancement Courses for students
(Including business and corporate Mandarin training courses)



Exchange activities

Organize language and cultural exchange activities with the Mainland and overseas.





Students Sources

Cannan Kindergarten

Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School

Sacred Heart Canossian Kindergarten

Diocesan Boys’ School

York International Kindergarten

Rosaryhill School

S.K.H. ST. Peter’s Church Castle Peak Siu Lun Court Kindergarten

S.K.H. Lee Siu Keung Primary School

Victoria Educational Organisation

Rhenish Mission School

SKH St Peter’s Church Kindergarten (Castle Peak)

Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School

St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten

Kentville Kindergarten

Guideposts Kindergarten

Good Hope School

St Paul’s Church Kindergarten

St. Nicholas’English Kindergarten

Diocesan Boys’ School

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