Hong Kong Academy of Management

The Hong Kong Academy of Management (HKAOM) is a registered tertiary education training institute in Hong Kong. The purpose of HKAOM is to bridge cultural and business communications among Hong Kong, mainland China, and the world, providing higher education, executive training, and business consultancy services.

There are three core businesses in HKAOM:

  • To provide degree and non-degree programmes:

Based on the needs of the business community, offer finance, accounting, management, marketing, and language learning courses so as to encourage business executives to continue their education for personal upgrading.

  • To organize tailor-made short training courses and business consultancy services:

Offer tailor-made short training courses on specific subjects for professionals for their continuing professional development and through the organization of business activities, e.g. trade visits, study missions and business exchanges, establish a quality platform for further business consultancy opportunities.

  • To provide a cultural exchange activities platform:

As the teachers and staff of HKAOM have an in-depth understanding of Chinese history, culture, politics, law, and the China market, through various cultural exchange activities, they can offer professional and first hand advice on the latest developments in China. This platform helps overseas professionals and businessmen to be more aware of market opportunities in China.

HKAOM has a highly experienced professional team. Our teachers have been working in the tertiary education for many years and are renowned professionals of their own field. They are experienced in providing quality tertiary education training programmes. Their goal is to nurture business leaders and elites with international vision. The HKAOM programmes can help particpants to upgrade their managerial skills and to expand their knowledge domain.

Education is a business of conscience, especially for continuing education. HKAOM staff are dedicated and experienced educators. They are always ready to serve the needs of the participants.